With more than 150 completed projects and studies over the last four decades amongst them, Proctech Africa’s (Procurement Technologies Africa) management team and associates decided to form their own entity in order to combine their extensive multidisciplinary knowledge and expertise and to provide it as a service to their clients.


The foundation of the Proctech Africa Business Model is built on the provision of 4 key elements:


Proctech Africa’s (Procurement Technologies Africa) management team has over 90 years’ experience in every aspect of Project Management, engineering and construction in the Mining, Mineral Processing and Manufacturing sectors.


Our comprehensive product-knowledge and thorough understanding of planning, procedure, strategy and delivery allows our clients to make informed decisions, both in the procurement of equipment and in the development and implementation of new projects.


Proctech Africa (Procurement Technologies Africa) enjoys unrivalled relationships with clients, suppliers, partners and support staff. These relationships have been nurtured and cemented by a commitment to knowledge-sharing, communication and collaboration. Our management team is fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian, which has facilitated the growth and development of these relationships both locally and across the African continent.


The combination of our wealth of experience, knowledge and relationships has earned Proctech Africa’s management team the trust and confidence of South Africa, Africa and the Middle East’s leading mining institutions, parastatals and corporations. As an independent service-provider, we offer an objective, equipment-neutral advice and delivery service.


Proctech Africa (Procurement Technologies Africa) provides access to a team of experts with vast knowledge and technical expertise/experience who have an understanding of both underground and surface mining equipment, material handling equipment and associated infrastructure.

Proctech Africa (Procurement Technologies Africa) offers a fully-managed service in the following areas:

  • Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Engineering and Technical Services
  • Logistical and Commercial Services
  • Quality Assurance